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Avoid FOMO.

TeamMe is only in its launching phase and already the talk-of-the-town! We’re giving a selected (lucky) few early access to the app.

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So easy and organised.

Create a project

The project will list the items & tasks needed from others to make the project a success. You also have the option to create rosters with timeslots.

Your team picks their tasks and roster slots

Your group members can now easily select a task and/or time slots by simply clicking on the “me” buttons in the app. If a task or timeslot is taken, it will display so to your whole team, so no duplicates a.k.a no admin-nightmares.

Everything in one place

Everyone can view the progress of tasks and slots selected in real-time, at any time, in one place

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Many me’s make the team.
And it’s never been easier to get the “me’s” for your team!

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Can you relate to this? 

You’re trying to organise a group project or fundraising event.

You need volunteers to help and people to choose different tasks: Who will bring this? Who will do that? Who will help when?

You’re on 13 different WhatsApp groups for this ONE project trying to keep track of who picked which task and constantly notifying everyone what’s still available.

Oh, and you just realised, someone updated the roster but you’re still working off the old one… Urgh!!!!!!! 🤯

The TeamMe App solves ALL these problems for you.

Co-founded by myself, a class mom who’s had enough of this chaos & stress and knew there HAD to be an easier way.

When you start to use TeamMe, it will save everyone involved in the project SO much time in back-and-forth messages.

And now that it’s in our hands to use, I cannot imagine our lives without it!

I’m confident you’ll agree with me when you see the TIME you’ll get back, with The TeamMe App. 🎉

ANRI – Co-Founder

Anri van der Linde teamme co-founder

“It’s one of those “how-did-no-one-think-of-this-sooner” products. So simple, so powerful!


Forget the old way.

TeamMe presents a brand new way for people to organise group projects. It was designed to be an effortless and seamless experience for both the person that created the project and those that must choose tasks and timeslots.

Talk to the right people

Teamme allows you to create your own custom teams for specific projects.

When a school creates a project, they can specify which parents should get the notifications, for example, a “choir” project can be sent to only the parents of choir pupils.

Create & select tasks

List all the tasks/items needed for the project here. You can even specify how many of each item are needed. Send it to your chosen team and they can easily click on ‘ME’ to volunteer for a specific task or item.

You’re organising a surprise birthday party for your dad. You create a list of tasks and items needed to organise the party and send it out to your ‘family team’ you created. Everyone can now easily choose who will do what within the Teamme app.

Easily create rosters

Need parents to volunteer to help at an event? Easily create a digital roster in just a few steps. Parents can now view and select available time slots. No duplicates – it’s all happening in one place!

A tennis coach is hosting a monthly Saturday workshop. Students need to choose the timeslots for their lessons. With the Teamme App, it’s quick, easy and super organised to achieve this!

Automatic notifications

Teamme is that assistant you never had, that never sleeps, and makes sure everyone knows what they need to contribute to projects, ’cause it’s all in one organised place –  inside your Teamme App!

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